On Parole, 064 183017-1, Bra, Liberty, serie luxo
On Parole, LN 10340, USA, EMI
On Parole, 1C 038 1575421, Arg, Liberty
Motorhead, CWK 3008, UK, Chiswick, reissue
Overkill, BRON 515, UK, Bronze
Bomber, BRON 523, UK, Bronze
Bomber, BRON 2505, Arg, Bronze?
Ace Of Spades, Bron 531, Swe, SIB
Ace Of Spades, SRM 1-4011, USA, Mercury, 180 gram vinyl
No Sleep til Hammersmith, BRON 535, UK, Bronze, EMI edition
Iron Fist, I-204 636, Spa, Ariola
Iron Fist, SRM 4042HLP, USA, Mercury, 180 gram re-issue
Another Perfect Day, 422-811 365-1 M-1, USA, Mercury
No Remorse, Motor 1 (823 301-1), UK, Bronze PRO TV, Leather sleeve 2LP
Orgasmatron, GWLP 1, UK, GWR, LP  
Rock´n`Roll, PAL 1240, LP, USA, Profile, Promo
No Sleep At All, RR 9514 1, Holl, Roadrunner
Birthday Party, RR 9376 1, Holl, Roadrunner
1916, N 46858, USA, WTG
March Or Die, 188.268, Bra, WTG
Bastards GCR 20002-1N, Ger, ZYX, reissue
Hammered, 74061 LP, Ger, Steamhammer
Inferno, R20-0022325, Ger, Cargo, 2LP
Kiss of Death, 28777, Ger, Steamhammer, LP
Motorizer, SPV 91631, Ger, Steamhammer, LP
The World Is Yours, UDR 003 LP, Ger, UDR, LP
The World Is Ours - Vol 1, UDR 0078, Ger, UDR, 2LP
The World Is Ours - Vol 2, UDR 0130, Ger, UDR, 2LP
Aftershock, UDR 0178 LP, Ger, UDR, LP
BBC Live & In Session vol.1, BOBV107LP, UK, Back on Black, 2 LP, White vinyl
BBC Live & In Session vol.2, BOBV108LP, UK, Back on Black, 2 LP, clear vinyl
Bad Magic, UDR 057P75 LP + CD, Ger, UDR, LP Limited box


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