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On Parole, CD LL 57666, Can, Cleopatra
On Parole, 7243 8 54794 2 7, Arg, EMI, Re-issue, Remastered w bonus tracks
Motorhead, RR 9357 2, USA, Roadracer
Overkill, CLA CD 178, UK, Castle  
Bomber, CLA CD 227, UK, Castle
Bomber, ESM CD 311, UK, Essential
Bomber, SMEDD220, Arg, BMG, 2 CD Expanded edition
Ace Of Spades, CLA CD 240, UK, Castle
Ace Of Spades, RRD 9227, USA, Roadracer
Ace Of Spades, VMCD 112, Bra, Voice Music, digiPak
No Sleep ´til Hammersmith, CLA CD 179, UK, Castle
Iron Fist, CLA CD 123, UK, Castle
Iron Fist, BVCM-37964, Jap, BMG, Fifth Japanese re-issue, vinyl replica
Iron Fist, 602517855465, EU, Universal, 2 CD Expanded edition, re-issue
Another Perfect Day, CLA CD 225, UK, Castle
No Remorse, CLA CD 121, UK, Castle
No Remorse, ESD CD 371, UK, Essential, re-issue, remastered w bonus tracks
Birthday Party, 7 73536-2, USA, Enigma
Orgasmatron, RR 262006, Arg, Roadrunner
Rock´n`Roll, CLACD 284, UK, Castle, Silver disc
No Sleep At All, RR 262004, Arg, Sum
No Sleep At All, CLACD 285, UK, Castle
1916, NK 46858 02, Can, WTG
March Or Die, NK 48997, Can, WTG
Bastards, ZYX 20263-1, Ger, ZYX, black disc
Bastards, 1508-2, Arg, Babylon, digipack
Sacrifice, 262.029, Arg, Roadrunner
Sacrifice, 06076 86231-2, USA, CMC, re-issue 1998
Overnight Sensation, CMC, BMG? Arg, 0607686203-2
Snake Bite Love, NEMS, Arg, NEMS 71
ELTE, Steamhammer, Ger, SPV 089 21140 DCD, Digipack
ELTE, Sum, Arg, 5003-2
We Are Motorhead, SPV 088-21820, Ger, Steamhammer, boxed set
The Best Of, MISDD002, UK, Metal-Is
Live At Brixton Academy, 089-72622, Ger, Steamhammer
Hammered, SUM 2360-2, Bra, SUM
Hammered, 085-74060 DCD, Ger, Steamhammer, Ltd ed w bonus CD
Inferno, SPV 085-69740, Ger, Steamhammer, Digipack, CD+DVD  
Inferno, SPV 69748, Ger, Steamhammer, 30th Anniversary Edition + DVD
Inferno, 06076-85241-2, USA, Metal-Is
Festival Sampler - Life´s A Bitch, 80000712, Ger, Steamhammer, CD promo single  
Stone Dead Forever, CMXBX747, UK, Castle, 5 CD Box set
Kiss of Death, SPV 99910, Ger, Steamhammer, Digipack
Kiss of Death, 9463952782, Arg, EMI
Better Motorhead Than Dead, 98172, Ger, Steamhammer, 2 CD
Motorizer, ICA 511, Arg, Icarus  
Motorizer, SPV 91630, Ger, Steamhammer, Digi pack
The World Is Yours, UDR 0001 CD, Ger, UDR, Digipack  
The World Is Yours, UDR 0002 CD, UK, UDR, w Classic Rock
The World Is Yours, UDR 0008 CD, Ger, UDR, CD + DVD
The World Is Yours, 50999 9492172 4, EMI, Argentina
The World Is Ours - Vol 2, UDR 0125, Ger, UDR, 2 CD + DVD
Aftershock, UDR 0175 CD, Ger, UDR, CD Digipack
Aftershock, CRP15-10-13, UK, UDR, Fan pack, Classic Rock with CD
Aftershock, UDR 0177 CD, Arg, UDR, CD
Aftershock, UDR 0192 CD, Ger?, UDR, 2 CD Tour Edition
Bad Magic, UDR 057P75 LP + CD, Ger, UDR, LP Limited box
Aces High, 550 724-2, Ger, Karusell
All The Aces, CTV CD 125, UK, Castle, 2CD
The Best Of - II, RR 8954-2, USA, Roadrunner
BBC Live & In Session, SMEDD 237, UK, Sanctuary
The Chase is better than the Catch - The Singles A´s & B´s, CM DDD 175, UK, Castle
Over the Top - The Rarities, CM RCD 176, UK, Castle
The Ultimate Reissue Series Sampler, Pro D2-2DJ, USA, DOJO, Promo
Iron Fist and the Hordes from Hell, Cleo 9413-2, USA, Cleopatra
Dirty Love, RRCD 123, UK, Receiver
Burn In Bloody Hell, HR 5939-4, Italy, Home, CD bootleg
Happy Brithday, Uncle Rotter, ?, ?, ?, CD CD bootleg
Buenos Aires Sacrifice, ?, Heavy Rock Discs, UK?, CD bootleg
Extended Versions, BMG, USA, 75517468682
Lemmy,Slim Jim and Danny B 2000 SPV CD
HeadCat Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk CD, Arg, Icarus


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